Folk Klub

October 25, 2015 bandskool 0

Yep, here’s hoping a new folk club will get off the ground in the Altrincham area of Manchester; especially for folk traditions and acoustic music: […]

Rock n roll

July 21, 2015 bandskool 0

In 1978, around the time of The Who’s latest album release, 'Who Are You?', Pete Townshend and Keith Moon gave an interview to Good Morning […]

Welcome to the machine?

June 9, 2015 bandskool 0

Has (or will) technology replace musicians? Through various operative forces at work, will musicians become redundant both in the live sphere and/or in the recording […]

Zappa and product!

April 29, 2015 bandskool 0

Zappa was as much a businessman (and perhaps a rather shrewd one at that) as he was a creator. This is a guy that started […]

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