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bandskool has been around a while and as the founder of bandskool, I have been around longer still - teaching that different contexts from schools to colleges to adult education and so forth. It is my hope that soon the website will be completely revamped to reflect the new developments both online and offline. There are new teachers onboard offering their instrument lessons; and not just in Altrincham where bandskool's teaching studio is based. Increasingly the online world is the place to be and I guess I pre-empted that inevitability by setting up this website in 2013 and calling it bandskool online. The clue is in the title!

I have nurtured a couple of bands/ensembles over the last handful of years; which are both professional in intent but will become instrumental (pun intended) in supporting some of bandskool's services going forwards. Namely DGG and DGK - you can read about them here

In a very direct sense, it is possible for students and amateurs to join the DGK rehearsals as it is perfectly possible to manage professional prerogatives as well as educational remits. It is a great opportunity for anyone that is interested in ensemble playing. Whilst it has the appearance of a traditional big band, that in itself does not presuppose a style - say swing...which it can do but a whole lot more than that. It is an amalgamation of rhythm section and horns and who knows what else.

Later this year, it is hoped that bandskool/kollectivity will combine to organise and promote all days events which will be rounded off with a concert each time - venues around the northwest of England being considered. Watch this space.

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