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Big bandskool is a fledgling organisation aimed at bringing people together to make music in their communities. There are two interpretations:

* It is a school for big band education and related matter; observing the big band traditions but taking them forward to the 21st century; with Jazz as an essential though not exclusive constituent.

* It is a school for...big bands! In other words, its focus is on the larger kinds of ensemble featuring more players than your typical combo format; some of which might be traditional formats; others not.

So, it is about education and musical development, growth...opportunity. But it's also about fun, socialising, bringing people together (to make music) and generally serving communities...And remember, this is for all ages, levels and backgrounds


Regular Sunday rehearsals (2pm - 5 pm) take place in the border region (Carlisle and other towns). And in early 2018, weekly rehearals are about to start in Altrincham, Greater Manchester on Wednesday evenings (7 pm - 9.30 pm). For more information and to register your interest, please contact bandskool



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