Rachel Waters

Learning to sing can be fun and liberating, with the right support and guidance we all have the ability to find or develop our skills in vocal performance and beyond!

I will help you to build confidence and find your own unique voice, in doing so we will cover a whole host of exercises and methods such as vocal warm-ups and techniques for both creative and technical development.

Since graduating with a First Class BAHons in Popular Music and Recording, I have worked consistently on finding an accessible approach to vocal improvement. Having performed in a variety of bands across many genre and featuring on tracks with artists such as //JustLeroy and KOALAS, I know what it is like to be put in different music environments with the expectation to give a great performance. It is this experience that has enabled me to teach flexibly and sensitively to each individual.

One of my greatest passions is songwriting; I get immense joy and satisfaction from writing and performing. I have also written for other bands and artists too, so I am familiar with approaching musicianship from any angle, this is something that I can help you to do too!

Whether you sing for work, self-expression or fun- whatever your goal, I tailor my lessons to YOU.


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