koostika sessions

The Koostika sessions are a broad church reflecting a myriad of acoustic styles of music; or at least musical styles that can be arranged/performed acoustically on acoustic instruments. No room for musical puritanism here! Certainly different acoustic traditions are tapped into but there are no hard and fast rules that cannot be broken or bent out of shape: Folk, Irish, Celtic, Bluegrass, Country,  Blues, Latin, Swing and pop music generally...whatever. Good music is good music!

The central feature of the sessions is optional participaton: you join in if you want to: from the luxury of your seat; whether it's a village hall, the back room of a pub or wherever else. Singers and players of acoustic instruments are welcome to attend/join in; so too are listeners who just want to hang out and enjoy the music. A programme is prepared in advance and supporting materials are offered online at www.bandskool.com. There is a certain amount of consistency in terms of repertoire from one month to the next. If you hang out long enough, then you'll get to know the tunes! Of course, you can suggest your own tunes too for future programmes: no problem.

The koostika sessions also form a backbone to the KOOSTIKA ENSEMBLE which puts on occasional concerts and is available for bookings. Get in touch if you want to know more: info@bandskool.com



link to akoustik backing tracks