WWI tunes

1. 'After The Ball Is Over'

After The Ball Is Over

Key of Bb Major

2. 'Honeysuckle and The Bee'

Honeysuckle And Bee

key of F Major

Honeysuckle and the Bee chord chart in key of F

3. 'I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside'

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Key of Eb Major

4. 'I'm Henery the Eighth I Am'

I'm Henery The Eighth

Key of C Major

I'm Henery the Eighth I Am - chord chart in key of C

link to youtube

5. 'Man on the Flying Trapeze'

Man On The Flying Trapeze

Key of C Major

6. 'Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay'


Key of F Major

7. 'It's A Long Way to Tiperary'


key of Bb Major

It's A Long Way To Tiperary chord chart in Bb

8. 'Pack Up Your Troubles'

Pack Up Your Troubles

Key of C Major

Pack up Your Troubles chord chart in key of C

9. 'Daisy Daisy'

Daisy Bell

key of A Major

10. 'Shine on Harvest Moon'


Key of Bb Major

Shine on Harvest Moon chord chart key of Bb

11.'Oh You Beautiful Doll'

Key of F Major (chorus: Bb Major)

Oh You Beautiful Doll chord chart in the key of F

12. 'Pretty Baby'

Pretty Baby _ Song

Key of F Major

pretty baby 1

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