Sergio Frade testimonials

"Sergio Frade is a talented musician and I am proud to say that he is my friend .
He is a family man of strong convictions, and dedicates himself to learning and being the best he can be, both as a trumpeter and as a man of good character.
He applies himself completely to his work and is always determined to do a good job no matter how difficult the task at hand.
Sergio is a loyal friend and goes on my short list of people that I feel will never let me down."

Harry Kim
Founder of The Vine Street Horns

"Wow - what an incredible Trumpet player!!!
One of the most amazing high registers I have heard and a first class musician on top of that.
Some of the BEST musicians are also the nicest people you can meet
Please make an effort to meet Sergio Frade everyone!!!!"

Philippe Schartz
Principal Trumpet BBC National Orchestra of Wales

"Sergio studied with me since 2007 and has proven himself to be an overcomer, conquering challenges from a previous lip injury and also surviving as a professional musician even in an economy such as Portugal. His determination and passion for trumpet and music are only surpassed by his genuine warm friendly personality that is sure to take him far in life.
When I launched my brass conferences in 2010 I was pleased to have Sergio as part of it, demonstrating to others how his range was overcome through techniques that work. I am proud to call Sergio both a student and friend."

Jeff Purtle
Trumpet Professor at
Anderson University

"I met Sergio in 2000 and I saw his evolution in Jazz. He is a great man and a great musician, I have had the previlege to have him in my Jazz Band in 2010 for several Gigs. I always knew he had potential and he would go far. Sergio is an expert in the high register and a fantastic screammer.
Well donne Sergio"

Freelance Musician
Jazz and Big Band Guitar Player

"I met Sergio in 2012. We became friends, immediately!
Sergio's work ethic on the trumpet is exemplary, and he is a very fine player.As a person, he is warm and friendly, with a wonderful sense of humor. His great personality, and his professionalism are traits that make him a very well-balanced person.
He is someone that you want to have in your section, and someone that you want to be around.
I am proud to call Sergio "meu amigo"!

Bruce Lee
Northern Brass Mouthpieces

"It is a privilege for me to have Sergio as a friend and can simultaneously work with him! When we met (by chance through our wives) did not realise he was a person with so many qualities both personal and professional. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with great musicians including trumpeters of great quality.
Sergio is not only a great trumpet player who plays from classical to jazz. He is a great expert in the high register of the trumpet as a screamer and as an improviser. He is also a great arranger and producer! It has been a great pleasure and an honour sharing stages and studios with you my friend.
A big hug and God bless you."

António Bravo
Master Sergeant
Trombone Player at
Portuguese Army BigBand