You caught a break in Reno

made waves in Mendocino

ran gold from Acapulco

LA to San Francisco

No Love could ever find you

places you've been define you

No ground could ever hold you

no loving arms enfold you

The roads your only home now

never belonged don't know how

no time to look around you

when only walls surround you

forgetting all that you could be

you had to fall to earth to see

the pain of freedom is to feel

only time you know it's real...


Beyond your new horizon

still quite electrifying

danger and death defying

beauty and truth denying

your world revolves around you

troubles are glad they found you

it's getting hard to cling to

the one you're turning into

you took more than you ever gave

your time in life and light you saved

believing someday you could change

some kind of magic man

better unborn than never care

having it all but never share

no cherished memories anywhere

only a shadow on the stairs

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