prospective programme with Auriol

programme with Auriol

prospective Jazz programme with vocalist Jade

prospective programme with vocalist Jade

Jazzklub session October 25th 2018
Jazzklub programme October 25th, 2018

Programme for November 3rd
Programme for Nov 3rd 2018

Programme for Nov 3rd 2018 revised(1)

book launch timeline
Book Launch- jazz band info-converted

running order

Final programme for Nov 3rd 2018 with set list order and timeline

Live Jazz Duo Programme

Camarena Jazz programme 16.9.18

June 25th, 2018
Jazzklub programme June 25th, 2018

July 5th, 2018
Jazzklub programme 5.7.18

jazzklub programme for 5.7.18 revised

jazzklub programme for 5.7.18 final revision