Welcome to bandskool. The aim of this site is to serve as a focus for both the online and offline activities of bandskool. Originally a private band coaching school, bandskool now provides an extensive service to musicians at all levels. This includes:

  • Instrument tuition: we have a network of instrument teachers who can provide lessons offline/online
  • Theory classes: whether popular music or classical; following a graded system with exams if requested.
  • Classes in Song writing, composition and arranging: whether 1 – 1 or small classes; offline and/or online…
  • Provision of educational and other supporting materials
  • band coaching sessions and big band rehearsals
  • Supports various offline activities that are aimed at both amateur and professional players.

To prospective students: click here to complete an application form

The site is ever evolving with new features and content added regularly. Feel free to contact at info@bandskool.com

Thank you for visiting the site.

Andrew Turnbull
Director of bandskool

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