Ballroom Programme 23.1.18 Final revision

7.00 pm start

Take the A Train (Jive)

Bandstand Boogie (Jive)

I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem (Foxtrot)

Saturday Nite (Foxtrot)

Come Dancing (Quickstep)

The Onions (Quickstep)

The Last Waltz (Waltz)

Charmaine (Waltz)

For You (Waltz)

Cest Si Bon (Foxtrot)

Autumn Leaves (Foxtrot)

Tango 65 (Tango)

Tick Tock Tango (Tango)

Adios Cha (Cha Cha)

Perdido Cha Cha (Cha Cha)

Oye Como Va (Cha Cha)

Mama Inez (Rhumba)

let's Dance The Hora Samba (Samba)

Enjoy Yourself (Samba)

Sing Sing Sing (Jive)

Moondance (Jive)

Stepping Out with my Baby (Quickstep)

Give me the Simple Life (Quickstep)

I Love You (Quickstep)

Satin Doll (Foxtrot)

She's a latin From Manhattan (Foxtrot)

Autumn Concerto (Foxtrot)
It's the Talk of the Town (Foxtrot)

Marcheta (Waltz)

Beautiful Love (Waltz)

Wonderful One (Waltz)

920 Special (Jive)

Nou's Blue (Jive)

Mr Anthony's Boogie (Jive)